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Certiport recognizes that educators desire to support test candidates remotely, just as they would in the classroom or a testing center, as they journey through the certification process. An effective tool for this is the Exams from Home online proctoring solution which was created as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This resource enables teachers to provide classroom-like assistance as they deliver secure remote testing.

With Exams from Home, educators can utilize a shared-screen approach that enables immediate assistance to remote test candidates. This remote exam proctoring solution allows test candidates to continue their education experience and earn industry-recognized certifications for college and career success. Teachers will find the live remote proctoring capabilities of Exams from Home help them to be more effective and efficient.

We encourage certification testing to be done in-person, if possible, and only use Exams from Home if local restrictions prevent in-person testing. 

Notice: Due to the continued pandemic, Exams from Home will be offered as long as COVID-19 restricts the ability of customers to receive in-person certification testing.  We will continue to monitor local government rules and restrictions to determine the continued availability of this offering. 

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Learn about Exams from Home

Get details about Certiport's Exams from Home (EFH) solution and prepare for your first session by reviewing all of the sections on this page.

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What is Exams from Home?

See information about the solution and how it differs from a traditional native environment in a classroom or training center.

What are my options?

Get the details on our delivery model and options.

What do I need to know before I begin?

Important info for the solution including links to user training and more.

How/Where do I schedule?

There are different ways to schedule depending on your region and the desired exam language.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: What if I have not received my session hyperlink by the time our scheduled session has begun?
A: We will be sending out most links and session information at 8 am MT (Mountain Time) the business day prior to the exam session (Monday session info will be sent on Friday). If you have not received your link within an hour of when your session is set to begin, please contact your Certiport representative or see our support page.

Q: Why are there so many different scheduling blocks in the calendar?
A: The virtual machines (VMs) vary in power, image content, times active, and are reused throughout a single business day. Therefore, one size does not fit all for our exams; they must be scheduled accordingly so we can match the correct technology with the correct exam environment, and support as many Centers and Test Candidates as possible.

Q: Is the virtual session a Windows or Mac environment?
Test Candidates and Exam Administrators (Proctors) may use a Windows, Mac, or Chromebook device to take an exam or administer a session, but the actual virtual session will occur in a Windows 10 environment. See the Technical Requirements on the Exam Administrator and Test Candidate pages for the full solution requirements.

Q: Does the Test Candidate need the software installed on their personal computer for LITA (Live-in-the-Application) exams?
A: No. The required software for Microsoft, Adobe, or Autodesk will be installed on the virtual machine that the Test Candidate connects to via hyperlink. 

Q: Do different exam programs require different levels of bandwidth?
A: No. The burden of the exam delivery software (Compass), the operating system, and the locally installed software (if applicable) is moved to the cloud in Exams from Home. Generally, the faster things change/refresh on the screen, the higher the data transfer rate will need to be (for example, streaming a video would require far more bandwidth than viewing a photo). In the case of Exams from Home, this would primarily be download speed because the virtual machine is sending the information from the remote desktop to the Test Candidate’s computer via the browser window. Therefore, all programs delivered in Exams from Home have the same requirements. 5Mbps download speed is where we landed for the best testing experience for a Test Candidate, and 10Mbps for an Exam Administrator (Proctor).

Q: Do we have to use Exams from Home?
A: No. With a worldwide network of testing centers, we rely on those individual centers to determine what is best based on their particular circumstances and to comply with all applicable laws, mandates, and restrictions. If your local restrictions are such that in-person sessions are now permitted, and you believe that you can administer exams in the best interest of the health and safety of all persons and parties involved, then feel free to use our traditional (native) delivery solutions.

Q: The Test Candidate requires an ADA accommodation; can I still apply for one with Exams from Home?
A: Yes. Certiport is committed to ensuring that those persons with the desire to certify their proficiency in the use of computers should have the opportunity to do so. Certiport is committed to providing access for all individuals with disabilities.

Certiport and its Authorized Testing Centers require advance notification of requests for accommodations as well as a reasonable amount of time to review and implement such requests. Certiport and its CATC's are not obligated to accommodate examinees with language limitations unrelated to a documented disability (e.g., English as a second language, literacy) nor to provide unlimited time for the completion of exams that are designed to certify not only knowledge but also efficiency in the use of computers. For more information see our ADA page.

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