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The following languages are supported in Exams from Home and most exams that we publish in those localizations are available. For a full list of exams see our Exam Releases page. When selecting exams in the EFH calendar, you will only be able to schedule currently available exams from the languages below:

  • English (en-us)
  • Arabic (ar-sa)
  • Chinese Simplified (zh-cn)
  • Chinese Traditional (zh-tw)
  • German (de-de)
  • Spanish LatAm (es-mx)
  • French (fr-fr)
  • Indonesian (id-id)
  • Korean (ko-kr)
  • Portuguese Brazilian (pt-br)
  • Romanian (ro-ro)
  • Thai (th-th)
  • Turkish (tr-tr)
  • Vietnamese (vi-vn)

Please contact your territory representative for further planned language release availability if you do not see your desired language in the list above. 


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Page last updated: November 3, 2023