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The following languages are supported in Exams from Home and most exams that we publish in those localizations are available except for the MOS 365 Apps and MOS 2013 exam suites. For a full list of exams see our Exam Releases page. When selecting exams in the EFH calendar, you will only be able to schedule currently available exams from the languages below:

  • English (en-us)
  • Chinese Simplified (zh-cn)
  • Chinese Traditional (zh-tw)
  • German (de-de)
  • Spanish LatAm (es-mx)
  • French (fr-fr)
  • Indonesian (id-id)
  • Korean (ko-kr)
  • Portuguese Brazilian (pt-br)
  • Romanian (ro-ro)
  • Thai (th-th)
  • Turkish (tr-tr)
  • Vietnamese (vi-vn)

Please contact your territory representative for further planned language release availability if you do not see your desired language in the list above. 


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Page last updated: January 25, 2023