Exam lengths

The following page lists the durations of our current and upcoming certification exams along with the average number of questions or question range (total number of questions can vary, a test candidate will be presented with the exact number of questions when taking the actual exam). All exams undergo continuing psychometric and market analysis and the parameters are subject to change. "Question" may refer to tasks, projects, or other assigned items during the exam.

Note: Exam lengths are generally the same across all languages (where available). This page may not reflect current availability, please see our Exam Releases page for detailed information.

Seat time

It is important to note that the exam times listed on this page are referring to the timed portion of the certification exam only. Additional time will be required to administer an exam from start to finish with input from both the Proctor/Teacher as well as the Test Candidate. This administrative time combined with the allotted exam time is known as the “Seat Time”. These additional actions may include tasks and logistics such as classroom planning, launching the software, signing in, potentially downloading updates to the software and/or exam content, loading times, reading and agreeing to terms/conditions, completing demographics, reviewing the tutorial, sending in comments, and uploading/viewing the exam results.

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Page last updated: July 16, 2024

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