Certiport Compass Exam Delivery

Certiport, the global-leader in performance-based certification exams is also the global-leader in exam delivery technology. Only Certiport offers Compass, a secure, stable, and effective exam deployment solution with a simple, user-friendly interface. Compass makes it easy to administer and proctor exams in the classroom, at remote locations, and in controlled environments.

Compass is a state-of-art technology platform that enables secure, efficient exam delivery and easy administration. This robust and flexible solution supports the key technologies widely used in schools and industry globally. Compass makes the exam process an easier and more rewarding experience for both the teacher and the student.

Single solution, multiple modes of delivery

Local, on-premise configurations: Compass installs directly onto testing center computers or servers. With a locally-installed Compass client, testing events can be prepared ahead of time. Should an internet connection be lost during testing, point-in-time exams are saved for resumption with connectivity.

Exams from Home: The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the entire world. When students moved to remote learning, Certiport met the demand for an effective remote proctoring solution with Exams from Home, enabling test candidates to continue to earn industry-recognized certifications.

Exams from Home now offers enhanced features including:

  • Schedule exams up to one hour before exam time
  • Expanded availability: exams will always be available and schedules will not fill up
  • Only one email and one access code per exam session
  • Schedule up to 50 candidates per exam session
  • No need to set up, download, or configure Compass software
  • New and enhanced security features

Controlled environments: Exams can be easily and securely deployed to controlled environments. An excellent solution for correctional institutions and remote facilities.

Supports key technology platforms




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