Get started as a Certiport Authorized Testing Center (CATC)

Follow these steps to begin offering Certiport certification exams at your organization. For Test Candidates seeking a public CATC to take an exam, please see our Support page.

Becoming a CATC

Step 1. Learn the Certiport basics

Step 2. Verify

Ensure your organization meets the following policies and requirements:

Step 3.Create a user account & register a new testing center

Orientation & administration


Step 4. Purchase exams

Step 5. Account management, training, and more

Learn how to manage your test center.

Step 6. Selecting your exam delivery system

Not sure what delivery system is right for your CATC? See our choosing a delivery system page.

Download and install exam software

Ready to install? Click each system for more information about how to obtain, install, and set up our delivery systems along with additional support info based on the programs you plan to administer.

Delivering an exam


Step 7. Administer exams