Exam tutorials

A tutorial is a set of instructions appearing prior to an actual exam that provides help on topics such as navigating through an exam, marking a question for review, or understanding Live-in-the-Application and/or project-based elements. This page allows a Test Candidate to review a tutorial outside of sitting for the actual exam, which can save class time (live tutorials appear prior to the exam timer).

Note: All live exam tutorials include a small questionnaire that is not illustrated in the tutorials posted on this page.

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)

All programs except Outlook

Outlook only

Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)

MTA Exams

Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE)

MCE Exams

Adobe Certified Associate (ACA)

Creative Cloud (CC) 2018

Creative Cloud (CC) 2015


App Development with Swift Certification

IC3 Digital Literacy (IC3)

IC3 GS5 (Office 2016)

IC3 GS5 Spark (Office 2016)

EC-Council Associate (ECA)

EC-Council Exams

Entrepreneurship and Small Business (ESB)

ESB Universal (all languages) & ESB Country-Specific (all but U.S.)

ESB Country-Specific (U.S. only)

QuickBooks Certified User (QBCU)

QuickBooks Exams

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