Updating your CATC Public Locator information

The Certiport Authorized Testing Center (CATC) Locator is a search tool available on our website that Test Candidates will use in order to find a participating center nearest them that facilitates the administration of Certiport certification exams to the public. During initial CATC registration you are asked if you would like to opt-in to appear in the Locator as a public testing center, but this info can also be changed at any time.

Once a new CATC that has opted to appear in the Locator uploads an exam result from their account, they will show up in the locator as a center offering our exams to the public (see below for full detail and rules). The initial information (automatically populated into the Locator with your first upload) is basic. As an Organization Administrator, you will be responsible to improve and maintain the information displayed. Please use the following instructions to access your CATC's locator information:

Download these instructions as a PDF.

Editing your locator information

  1. Log in as an Organization Administrator and click the Org Profile tab.
  2. If you are associated with multiple CATCs, ensure that the correct Organization is selected within the dropdown. Then click on the Locator tab.
  3. You must first click the Edit button at the bottom of the page before you can access this form.
  4. First, check the “Do you want to be a Certiport Public Test Center?” box. Your CATC’s information will not qualify to appear in the Locator whatsoever until this is performed. If your CATC wishes to opt-out of appearing in the Locator simply keep this box unchecked.
  5. In the Description, enter the information unique to your CATC here. Examples would be information about how to schedule an exam, if you accept walk-ins, where to park, proctoring or other fees, access to public transit, helpful direction tips, etc. (Maximum 250 characters)
  6. Enter the applicable information for Making an Appointment with your CATC. Include a note if there is something specific the test candidate should do. For example: "Please call 555-000-0000 and ask for Alice".
  7. In Testing Availability, enter the days and time that your center is available for testing to the general public.
  8. In Mapping Information, check the latitude and longitude for accuracy. Our Locator engine uses this data to determine your brick & mortar address so that your center will be properly displayed on the Locator map. Use the Lookup Address feature and enter your address to compare them with the default coordinates shown. Copy and paste any potential difference into the coordinate fields.
  9. Click on the Update button to save your changes. Please note that changes will not appear instantly; our servers refresh every day at 3 am MT.
  10. Test the updater by searching for yourself after the refresh and ensuring that all information appears correctly.

Locator rules

Please note the following rules for appearing in the locator:

  • No CATC will show up in the locator for any program until they have successfully uploaded an exam result, even if they have opted in.
  • After a successful upload, only basic information will be populated in the locator. An Org Admin must edit the details page (described above) and finalize all information that will appear.
Note: Some exam programs have restrictions on the types of organizations that can administer those exams and/or the academic status of the Test Candidates. If you are unsure about these programs, contact your representative.
  • Although some exceptions exist, when your CATC uploads an exam result, you will then show up as being able to administer exams for all programs within that same suite. For example, if you upload an IT Specialist Data Analtyics exam, you will show up as being able to administer all 14 + exams within the IT Specialist bucket. If you upload a MOS 2019 Word exam, you will show up as being able to administer all the exams within that same MOS 2019 version suite (Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), but you will not show up as being able to administer MOS exams from other version suites, nor will you show up as being able to administer exams from other Microsoft programs (until your CATC uploads an exam from within those specific program suites).
  • A CATC will only show up in the locator for 6 months after the last uploaded exam. CATCs who go more than 6 months without activity will disappear from the Locator until another exam is uploaded.
  • A CATC with an expired center agreement will also be removed from the Locator. If you should happen to let your agreement expire, simply renewing it will allow the locator information to be reestablished after renewal and the next server refresh.
  • The information contained in the Locator for your CATC may be altered at any time by the participating organization, but unless you meet the criteria in the above rules, your center will not show up.