Important notices

The following page lists recent and upcoming important notifications regarding exam products, delivery systems, security, and our support thereof.

Console Update Coming Soon

Published: July 2019

Release Overview

Compass Update Information:

A major update for Compass will be released through Console on August 27th, 2019.  Both Console and Compass systems can be used after the update until September 30th when Console will be disabled.

This update will allow for all Certiport exams to be delivered through Compass and brings in the best features of Console. These include:

  • Mass Deployment Capabilities
  • LAN Client/Server
  • Local exam delivery
These features combined with our Online Microsoft Azure powered solution available in Compass today will make your experience simpler than ever before. 

IMPORTANT! You must transition from Console to Compass by the end of August to ensure that there is no disruption to your testing. 

Visit the Compass systems update page often for scheduled updates. 

To learn more about Compass click here.

Here are the available options to install the update:
  1. This update will be made available to download through Console 8.6x versions on August 13th, 2019.  For those systems set to receive automatic updates no action is needed.
  2. If you are set to receive updates manually, then, click on the “Updates” tile and follow the onscreen prompts.  

MOS 2016 & ACA CC 2018 Photoshop Exam Maintenance

Published: March 2019
The following exams will undergo maintenance on March 19th:

MOS 2016 (all exams) - ENU
  • Maintenance: General exam stability
ACA CC 2018 Photoshop - ENU
  • Maintenance: The certification test panel default placement will now be on the side vs the bottom to maintain consistency with all other exams in the suite

     Photoshop Tutorial
The updates for these exams affect any exam in the MOS 2016 or ACA CC 2018 program versions. If your Console 8 update settings are set to automatic, these exams will automatically download on March 19th once we release to production or when the exam is launched. If your Console 8 update settings are set to manual, or you would like to have these exams load prior to testing, allow some extra time before the exam session on the update admin page to accept these updates.