RSS help

This page explains what RSS is, how it is beneficial as a digital communication tool, and identifies our current RSS enabled pages. We also explore three common ways of receiving an RSS feed on your device.

What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, and is an easy and time-tested way to get web content delivered directly to your email client, browser, or favorite app. Basically, it is specific info that is parsed from an XML document that is a derivative of the primary HTML page and retrieved by an aggregator/feed reader. RSS first began in 1999, but is used to this day by many major companies and the U.S. government because it still has value as a digital communication method. RSS is also used in between commercial sites to send basic info like news, weather, and stock quotes. A website will often have a chiclet (blue or orange RSS icon to point you to the proper address (XML URL) to copy and paste into your feed reader.

What are the benefits?

The reason companies around the world still employ the use of RSS feeds is right in the name: it's not only simple to use, it's also simple in nature. Benefits include:

  • Receiving fresh content in near real-time without repeatedly checking for updates
  • 100% in your control when to start and stop receiving notifications - no being "taken off a list"
  • You only subscribe to content of interest, no other marketing info is included
  • You don't have to reveal your personal info, not even your email address
  • No email address means a company cannot sell or misuse your info, or even has the means to contact you
  • No viruses, privacy policy legalese, spam, or identity theft risk

What content does Certiport provide RSS feeds for?

  • Exam Content Updates : New exam info, localization info, and maintenance info.
  • Important Notices : Upcoming and recent notifications regarding the use and support of our exam products, delivery systems, solutions, and features.

How to set up an RSS feed:

There are different ways to begin receiving a Certiport RSS feed, explore the options below:

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