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This page contains a listing of the most recent updates and release notes for the Console 8 delivery system.

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Console 8.6.2 Scheduled Release Dates

November 9th, 2017 - Released: (Optional Update)

  • All Languages

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Detailed release information

Console 8.6.2 release information

The Console 8.6.2 update is primarily focused on addressing performance & stability related issues when configured in a LAN Server and Client mode. This release also includes minor bug fixes and improvements.

This optional update will be available in all languages on November 9th. It’s recommended that ALL CATCs take this update at their earliest convenience.

Here are the available options to install the update:

  1. The update will be made available in Console 8.6.1, and will automatically download & install to your system(s).

  2. When available, you can download the new Console 8.6.2 installer from > Org Admin/Member Role > Training & Tools > Download Console 8.

  3. The update will be made available in Console 8.5x. To install the update, go to the Console home screen, click on the Updates tile, expand System Update and select all system updates available. Follow the standard installation process to install the update.

What’s new in Console 8.6.2

  • Diagnostic data and log files will be automatically returned to Certiport so that we can improve the overall stability of the system.
  • Support for the new MTA coding exams. See the Exam releases page for updates on when these exams will be available for delivery.
  • ITS_WTD driver support for Accessibility. Exams will have to be updated to included support at a future date.
  • Added command line support to set the update time for mass deployment, so each machine doesn’t have to be updated independently.

Fixed issues since last version

  • Fixed issue where CertiportNOW service may spike CPU usage at 100% for an unexpected period-of-time. Additionally, enhanced the overall performance and memory usage while in use.
  • Fixed issue in Offline mode where it is not possible to use the LAN mode as the Client machine is unable to update appropriately.
  • Fixed issue where Offline mode doesn’t work on 32-bit machines.
  • An issue introduced in Console 8.6.1 prevented the setup of the Client machine to use the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN), requiring the user to use the IP Address.
  • Fixed issue that may cause Office 2016 exams to crash on first attempt when using deployed system images.
  • Fixed issue that may cause exams with simulations such as Photoshop CC 2015, or Illustrator CC 2015 to crash and display the "Certiport.Driver.BusinessLogic" error.
  • Fixed issues preventing the success of updates from the Console server to the Client machine. Additional performance tracking was enabled to identify additional performance improvement opportunities.
  • Fixed issue with minimum spec machines using Console that may crash as they attempt to launch an exam.
  • Fixed issue where Autodesk exams in Spanish may display a “Cache XML not found” if unable to reach (
  • Automatically fix SSL certificate if the key is not valid for the certificate. Usually this issue is caused by imaged machines.
  • Fixed issue where splash screen is showing “Updating” when it is just “Loading”, and add the number of packages being installed.
  • Fixed issue in Autodesk exams where Autodesk applications where not restarting as expected. The applications will now restart.
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View the archive of past updates.