Adobe program support

This page outlines the processes and best practices for setup, maintenance, and long term support of the Adobe locally installed software required for Certiport's Live-in-the-Application (LITA) Adobe Certified Professional exam delivery through Compass. The information below is intended for IT personnel or other staff members responsible for preparing workstations at their testing center for Adobe LITA exam delivery.

Note: For the installation and setup of the Compass software including the general proctoring of exams to Test Candidates, please see our Quick Reference Guides.

Program basics

Begin by reviewing how Certiport's Live-in-the-Application exam delivery works.

Technical requirements

Vet the full technical requirements for Adobe LITA delivery.

Version support & package creation

See what specific versions of the software are supported and how to maintain them. Learn how to create a package for long term support.

Exam readiness & best practices

Preparing the exam environments for delivery and other important information.

Errors & troubleshooting

Review known issues and their solutions.


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