ESB Entrpreneurship and Small Business

Entrepreneurship and Small Business

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Courseware and Learning Products*

*It is recommended that students have least 150 hours of instruction to prepare yourself to pass the ESB exam.

Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE)

Entrepreneurial Mindset Index (EMI)

  • Available with certain ESB licenses (excluding Florida Universal license) and for individual purchase, the EMI measures entrepreneurial strengths and weaknesses through a self-assessment that aligns each taker with a well-known entrepreneur archetype.

ESB Prep

  • ESB Prep is a foundational course that activates students' entrepreneurial mindset and teaches the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and business management. This curriculum is designed to prepare students for the Entrepreneurship and Small Business certification and provides flexible implementation and 30-40 hours of instructional materials for the high school classroom.

Start It Up!

  • Start It Up! is a curriculum that teaches entrepreneurship essentials to discover and cultivate the set of skills associated with NFTE's Entrepreneurial Mindset. It covers more advanced aspects of entrepreneurship and business management with self-paced online courses and related programming that are made to support higher education while preparing students for the Entrepreneurship and Small Business certification. 


LearnKey video courseware enhances the learning experience and increases certification exam success. It provides self-paced on-demand video learning material for Certiport's Entrepreneurship and Small Business program. These expert learning solutions are easy to use and interactive, and help prepare students for certification success.

  • Video-based e-learning courseware
  • Interactive labs
  • Prescriptive study guides

Moore Solutions

Moore Solutions courseware has four key benefits for ESB certification:


  • Aligns specifically to the objectives of the ESB certification exam
  • Scenario-based knowledge checks
  • Hands-on activities
  • End-of-chapter projects
  • All graded elements in the course grade automatically and provide students with immediate feedback.
  • Grades can be imported into your institution’s grade book, eliminating the need to create extra assignments for each grading period.
  • Courseware is delivered via a cloud-based LMS or the school’s existing LMS.
  • Accessibility and flexibility for students and teachers
  • The MSi curriculum is user-friendly.
  • Teachers and students can be up and running quickly.

B.E Publishing

Essentials of Entrepreneurship is a new, graphically illustrated textbook guides students through the steps it takes to initiate, manage, and sustain a business idea.

  • Essentials of Entrepreneurship begins by helping students recognize entrepreneurial traits and progresses to complex ideas of how innovation kick starts entrepreneurial ventures.
  • Along the way, students will immerse themselves in topics of financial accounting, business ethics, marketing, and product planning.
  • The book’s cumulative business plan portfolio unites all facets of entrepreneurship to highlight what it takes to launch and oversee an entrepreneurial pursuit.
  • Real-world entrepreneurs are showcased throughout the book to demonstrate the successes and pitfalls of innovation and strategic management.

CCI Learning

CCI Learning is a leader in the Global EdTech space specializing in interactive courseware, books (print and e-book), certification guides, and resources for instructors and learners. XperienceED, their cutting-edge kinesthetic learning platform, offers a live in-app learning experience for the Entrepreneurship and Small Business certifications It's mapped to Certiport's exam objectives and prepares learners to be certification ready.


BrainBuffet is your one-stop shop for certification prep and curriculum. We offer great teacher resources such as completed lesson plans, worksheets, rubrics, project files, answer keys, and more. Students have access to self-paced video tutorials that have interactive questions that check for comprehension and understanding of key concepts and objective domains. BrainBuffet courses are based on fun projects that don’t require rote memorization or boring textbooks.

  • Interactive video-based tutorials
  • Hands-on guided activities
  • Self-paced learning
  • Aligns with Certified Professional exams

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