ESB Entrpreneurship and Small Business

Entrepreneurship and Small Business

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Certiport’s My Pathway is designed to help you maximize your potential by mapping the certifications needed to validate the set of skills your dream job demands. Whether you want to expand or adapt your skillset, further develop your depth of expertise, or simply continue your life-long love of learning, My Pathway is now available through your online Certiport account.

The Entrepreneurship and Small Business certification program covers the essential concepts and principles associated with launching and maintaining a successful business. Whether starting the next Silicon Valley unicorn or simply bringing grandma’s secret recipes to a main street bakery, the ESB certification pathways cover the business principles needed to help one become their own boss, regardless of the industry or field you are looking to enter. 

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Earning a certification is a major accomplishment and a major step toward achieving your goals. My Pathway is designed to highlight your achievement, track your progress, and show you how far the right credentials can take you, by showing you the next step and further credentials needed to follow your aspirations.

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