ESB Entrpreneurship and Small Business

Entrepreneurship and Small Business

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The U.S. Department of Labor and the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) both cite statistics that underscore the benefits of entrepreneurship education. These benefits include improved academic performance, school attendance, interest in completing their post-secondary education, an increase in occupational aspirations, as well as leadership behavior. (Encouraging Future Innovation: Youth Entrepreneurship Education, US Department of Labor.) A study by Grunwald Associates further suggests that when certification is added to curriculum, statistics such as academic performance, attendance, dropout rates, and grade point averages also improve. (Grunwald Associates LLC. (2012). Tracing Student Performance in Career and Professional Education: Technology Coursework Related to Better Attendance, Higher GPAs in Florida.)

Florida invests in entrepreneurship

Alexandria University in Egypt adopts ESB

“When our faculty looked at the Certiport ESB curriculum, we found it to be very professional. We were confident it would give our students the entrepreneurial skills we wanted to teach, and we decided to offer the ESB curriculum and certification at our University.”
Dr. Mohamed Belal, CDCE Executive Manager

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The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship Successfully Pilots ESB Management CTE Program with Certification

“We are pleased to endorse the ESB certification as a way to validate that individuals have learned essential entrepreneurship skills that will give them the tools to overcome adversity and address future personal, economic and global challenges.”
Shawn K. Osborne, president and CEO, NFTE

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East Chapel Hill High School

East Chapel Hill High School Adds Entrepreneurship and Small Business Certification to Marketing Course

“I know industry-recognized certifications are worth their weight in gold for our students. If nothing else, they would go off to college and could get a better internship or work study position.”
Karen Sanders, Marketing and Strategy Teacher, ECHHS

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Future Academy in Cairo

Future Academy in Cairo, understands that ESB helps students follow their passion while helping the economy.

“The entrepreneurial spirit is strong among Egyptian youth who are overcoming financial, cultural and legal challenges to maintain local, sustainable business models to improve the economy and help decrease unemployment rates.”
Dalia Hussein Sadek, Future Academy Manager of Training & Testing

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