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Learning products frequently asked questions

The pathway to certification success

Q: What are Certiport Learning Products?
A: Materials, tools, and resources designed to help prepare students for certification success.
Q: What type of learning products does Certiport currently offer?
A: Books, manuals, study guides, and practice tests.
Q: Does Certiport create the learning products they provide?
A: Certiport partners with top publishers and instructional technology companies to make their products available to Certiport customers.
Q: What is the benefit of purchasing learning products directly from Certiport?
A: Certiport provides the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to get the right courseware, practice tests, and exams needed for a successful certification program.
Q: Who should consider using Certiport Learning Products?
A: Teachers, testing centers, instructors, CTE Directors, curriculum developers, or anyone involved in preparing students for certification testing.
Q: Does Certiport offer learning products from more than one vendor?
A: Certiport works with several industry-leading publishers and instructional technology developers to offer the very-best learning products for Certiport programs.
Q: How does the cost of purchasing learning products from Certiport compare to purchasing from other sources?
A: Certiport offers the lowest prices available, and by purchasing a bundle of courseware, practice tests and exams, you can receive discounts not available elsewhere.
Q: How do I learn more about Certiport Learning Products?
A: Contact your Certiport representative or call 888.999.9830