Account management

The following page outlines practices and procedures when logged in to the Certiport website to manage your Certiport Authorized Testing Center (CATC). This pathway provides a variety of account management functionalities for Organization Administrators and Organization Members in charge of the administration of their CATC. For more detailed information, see the items below.

Certiport website (login area)

Managing exam vouchers, inventory, and/or site licenses: Understand how to purchase (Org Admins only) and use exam vouchers, inventory, and licenses.

Managing associations & roles: Add and distribute rights to other users within your organization. Every center needs at least one Organization Administrator and one Proctor (a single user may have multiple roles).

Running exam result reports: List, measure and compare Test Candidate exam results with a variety of reporting features.

Using Exam Groups: Employ the use of Exam Groups to organize exam information for specific sets of test candidates (quick reference guide).

Print certificates and score reports: Print official certificates and score reports for your Test Candidates.

Training documentation: Many of our administrative and test delivery procedures are outlined in detailed quick reference guides.

Webinar training sessions

Pre-recorded training sessions are available. These recordings illustrate the trainer's desktop as they demonstrate administrative account management and test delivery functions.

See the trainings on our webinars page.