Webinar training sessions

Training sessions are recorded from online webinars. You will be able to see the Windows desktop as the video demonstrates the various aspects of exam delivery, account management, and other training topics. For additional training, see our Quick Reference Guides.

We recommend that any Certiport Authorized Testing Center (CATC) staff involved in the administration or delivery of Certiport exams or Learning Products review all applicable training sessions.

Note: Some prerecorded videos can only be accessed using the Chrome or Firefox browsers and may require you to download and install a web plugin.

Training topics

Registering a CATC

If you are brand new to Certiport and need guidance on creating and registering a Certiport Authorized Testing Center (CATC) please review this video.

Account Management

All new CATCs are strongly encouraged to review this training.

The Certiport website is used for all your account management and administrative support needs. This training will cover the different resources and options available to Organization Administrators at our Certiport testing centers, including how to run test reports and add administrators to your account.

Exam Groups

An Exam Group number is a unique identifier that can be set up to track a Test Candidate’s exam results and open up additional reporting features.


Compass is an Internet-based testing solution for Certiport clients and has a Windows and a Mac version*. Candidates will launch Compass and sign in to their Certiport account to take an exam. This Internet-based delivery model eliminates the high-level Admin requirements and requires minimal software installation at the test center.

*Note: Compass exam availability varies by supported operating system; see our Technical Requirements page for more information and see our Quick Reference Guides page for detailed install & setup guides.

CertPREP Practice Tests onboarding

GMetrix is a Certiport partner that provides a number of CertPREP practice test programs that enhance learning through self-paced practice questions, build familiarity with the testing environment, enhance confidence towards actual certification exams, and better prepares test candidates to pass certification exams. The training above covers the creation of access codes and account management.

NEW! GMetrix at Home solution

GMetrix has introduced a new at home solution. The training below covers the setup and administration of the CertPREP’s practice tests through the GMetrix at home solution.

 View a prerecorded session.


LearnKey, powered by GMetrix, offers video-based courseware for Certiport's MOS, MTA, IC3, Adobe Certified Professional, ESB, QBCU, and some ACU exams. In this training, a LearnKey representative will give an overview of the product including key features and navigation as well as steps to get started - there will also be a Q&A.

Live Training Sessions Day of week Tuesdays Thursdays
Occurs every Tues & Thurs: Join: 1:30 - 2:00 pm MT Join: 4:30 - 5:00 pm MT

Jasperactive Learning Products

Founded on CCI Learning’s guided instruction courseware, Jasperactive is a Microsoft Office learning and validation system mapped to the Microsoft Office Specialist Global Standard. Jasperactive also offers products in IC3 Digital Literacy, Intuit QuickBooks, and Adobe Certified Professional.

Labyrinth Learning

QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop textbooks from Labyrinth Learning include automated project grading, a complete teaching toolkit, access to our digital learning and assessment platform and interactive ebook, and more. Learn about these solutions in the following prerecorded webinars:

Pearson eCourses

The Pearson eCourses are designed to help students prepare for the MOS and IC3 certification exams. It includes materials for the students to study and assignments for them to take. Please see the Pearson support page for help with eCourses.


CADLearning offers a comprehensive library of training for Autodesk applications including in-app videos, exercise files, and assessments. Lessons focus on one concept each for immediately actionable microlearning.

If an additional webinar is needed, contact customersuccess@cadlearning.com to set one up.

Contacting support

If you have any questions related to these trainings, or are experiencing issues connecting to a session, contact the NSS Team. For all other issues, contact customer service.