IT Specialist Certification

IT Specialist Authorized Instructor Program

The Authorized Instructor program is designed to help K12 teachers, Higher Education educators, and professional trainers gain knowledge and tips on how to teach the skills covered in a specific IT specialist exam.

A series of Train the Trainer videos have been developed for each of the IT Specialist exams to give a content overview, and helpful tips on how the content can be incorporated in the classroom.

Through this program, an educator can become an Authorized Instructor for each of the 15 IT Specialist exams. An Authorized Instructor badge and certificate is earned on an individual exam basis and may qualify for continuing education credits.*

What benefits do I receive by participating in the Authorized Instructor Program?

  • The Authorized Instructor program was developed with the oversight of Certiport's content team with the goal of providing content that helps educators teach the IT Specialist exams.
  • Those who enter the program will gain access to the Train the Trainer videos, learning products, practice products and a voucher to take the IT Specialist exam.
  • Once you have completed all the requirements to become an Authorized Instructor, you will receive a shareable badge from Credly to your email address, which you can share with others through social media.
  • Connect with your District or local licensing governing body to see if this program qualifies for continuing education credits.

What qualifications are required for the program?

  • If you are a K12 educator:
    Teaching license in a related field OR teaching license in an unrelated field and classes taken in a related field – some experience within the field of IT is required*
  • If you are a Higher Education educator:
    Degree in related field
  • If you are a professional trainer:
    Any degree, certification, credential, or badge related to the area of instruction.
  • Don't fit any of the categories above?
    *Please speak to your Certiport Territory Manager about how to meet the requirements.                                           Find your territory manager here.

How do I get started?

If you qualify for the program, submit your information below to be contacted by the Authorized Instructor coordinator or your Territory Manager on next steps.

What does the program cost?

The cost is $150, but it is free for a limited time. Please speak with your Certiport Territory Manager.

What does it mean to be an Authorized Instructor?

An Authorized Instructor is someone who has verified teaching and/or training credentials and has completed the Train the Trainer videos and passed the IT Specialist exam to earn a badge and professional development hours. It is not a formal teaching qualification or additional license of any kind.

Want to learn more about the Authorized Instructor Program?

If you have additional questions regarding the IT Specialist Authorized Instructor program, complete the form below or reach out to your Certiport Territory Manager directly. Please allow 1-2 business days for follow-up. Please complete all of the fields marked with an asterisk (*).