IC3 Digital Literacy Certification

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IC PHP Developer Fundamentals

The IC PHP Developer Fundamentals exam is an entry-level certification designed to validate the fundamental knowledge of technology that candidates will need to pursue a career in software development. As the first step to more advanced coding certifications, IC PHP is the ideal starting point for any candidate who is interested in PHP coding, but who may have limited experience with programming or coding.

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IC PHP Developer Fundamentals objective domains

  1. Development environment
    • Web server and database MySQL/MariaDB
  2. PHP Fundamentals
    • General notions
    • Style programming
    • Limitation structure of the data
    • Manage the output of PHP script
  3. Conditional instruction of control and cycles
    • Conditional statement
    • Repetitive operations
  4. Complex data structures
    • Array
  5. PHP code management
    • Re-use the PHP code
    • Functions for the variables management
    • The functions for the management, comparison and string formatting
    • The functions for the management of the complex structures of data
    • The functions for the management of the dates
    • Customized functions
    • Send email in PHP
  6. Data recovery and check in an HTML form
    • Data recovery by a form
    • Data control form
  7. Maintain information in PHP
    • Sessions
  8. The DBMS MySQL and MariaDB
    • DBMS MySQL and MariaDB
    • Management of the MySQLdatabase – SQL
  9. Interaction with I DBMS MySQL and MariaDB
    • Database

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