Learning resources for Autodesk Certifications

Preparing your students for certification is a big responsibility, so let Certiport make your job easier and more effective with acclaimed course materials and practice tests. Certiport offers excellent courseware materials to help you prepare students for Autodesk Certified User and Autodesk Certified Professional certification exams.

Courseware options

Excellent courseware and preparation materials are available from:

CAD Learning


CAD Learning by 4D Technologies is an Autodesk Authorized Publisher and Premier Learning Partner. The library includes over 35,000 videos on more than 40 Autodesk products. Lessons are atomized to focus on just one concept or feature per video, providing digestible microlearning that is immediately actionable. CAD Learning is available via web and mobile app. Click here for the user overview video. 

For more information, please visit https://cadlearning.com/.

Global eTraining


Global eTraining is an award-winning Canadian-based provider of interactive online training solutions with over 25 years of experience in developing and delivering exceptional computer-based learning

For more information, please visit https://www.globaletraining.ca/.



LearnKey is a premier global provider of self-paced education and training solutions for education, veterans, corporate/government, and personal users. For over two decades, LearnKey’s mission has been to create flexible expert learning solutions - solutions that work for everyone because they are not only easy to use, but they are extremely engaging and interactive. LearnKey brings the classroom experience to you - where and when you need it.

  • Video-based e-learning courseware
  • Interactive labs
  • Prescriptive study guides

For more information, please visit https://www.learnkey.com/.



TeachMe3D is a great resource for teaching 3D modeling in the classroom. Designed specifically for students, TeachMe3D uses an innovative tell, show, and do model, empowering learners with a deep understanding of concepts, powerful retention techniques, guided practice, and challenges to keep learners on their toes.

For more information, please visit https://teachme3d.org/.