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Certification leads to success

Certiport and Adobe believe that everyone with an Adobe certification has a story to share that can motivate, inspire and encourage others to succeed.

Heights High School’s vision is clear. It is for every student to leave college and career-ready. See how Heights High School achieves this vision through Adobe Certified Professional.

Create Idaho. Learn how the state of Idaho worked with Certiport and Adobe to launch the Create Idaho program that provides Adobe applications to high school and middle schools and an opportunity to earn Adobe certification.


Miami Dade College has the largest undergraduate enrollment in the United States, serving over 165,000 students annually. See how they are preparing students for a robust career in digital media through the Adobe Certified Professional program.
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Most people think of art and design as being totally separate from science and math. However, for Abigail Zhong, they harmonize quite well. Find out how Abigail is using her Adobe certification to push herself full steam ahead into the world of math and science at Cornell University.
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"When I read that Kai had 8 hours to complete the competition, I knew she could work on our timetables and she has done a great job," said Kristen Hart of R&R Partners. See how the Adobe Certified Associate World Champion was contacted by a regional advertising agency and offered an internship.
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Learn how Valley ROP Program developed a successful Adobe Certified Professional certification program and partnered with Fresno City College to help their students earn dual enrollment credit on a path to a career in digital design.
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