Adobe Certified Professional

Funding options

The Adobe Certified Professional program was already the gold standard in certification exams. Now we've made it even better.

The money is there

Educators can explore a variety of funding options: the Carl D. Perkins Act; federal and state grants; and non-traditional options.

Act on it: Perkins funding

The Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Improvement Act lives up to its name. This law is designed to increase the quality of career and technical education across the United States. The Perkins Act provides almost $1.3 billion in federal support for career and technical education programs in all 50 States, including support for integrated career pathways programs. Our representative can help you learn more.

Other federal and state funding

Your state will most likely have programs and grants that you can access. Speak to one of our experts in navigating funding options.

Other non-traditional funding opportunities


The PTA is an ideal organization to help generate funding for the Adobe Certified Professional certification programs. We have seen many PTAs spearhead the fundraising efforts when parents realize the value that Adobe Certified Professional can bring to students.

Other fundraisers

Beyond the PTA, individual classes can organize their own bake sales and car washes and seek donations from local businesses.


Many schools partner with a library or workforce services.

Grants and more

Explore how members benefit from learning opportunities, teaching materials, discussions, & the community. Learn more about the Adobe Education Program