Preparing for tomorrow's workforce - Future Proof Economies

Certiport, a Pearson VUE Business partners with global economies to customize full-service training and certification solutions for local workforce needs

Future Proof Economies enables governments to give millions of students in their country a globally-recognized education, through industry certifications regardless of economic status.

The education and certifications included within Future Proof Economies provide the skills that employers are searching for. These skills include digital literacy, communications, entrepreneurship, technology, and more. The skills taught will prepare students for the workforce which will fill jobs and improve economies.


1Full global-standard skilling solutions that include:

  • Integration with existing skilling programs
  • Needs of industry
  • Gaps in skilling

2Alignment with economic needs

  • Learning solutions
  • Practice tests
  • Certification exams
  • Teacher training
  • Employment aid

3Provided in-country to broaden the number of candidates that can fill jobs


Skills for every individual: Digital Literacy, Communications, English, Entrepreneurship/Business, Foundational Technologies, Computational Thinking

Entry-level specialty skills: Project Management, Digital Arts, Engineering and Design, Programming, IT, Bookkeeping and Accounting, Marketing, Agriculture, Hospitality and Tourism, Manufacturing, etc.

Mid-career skills: Higher-level exams, Custom solutions for local economic needs

Certiport and Pearson VUE provide industry-recognized skilling and certification that covers foundational level to mid-career skills.
Our research shows significant need among all candidates for foundational skills including digital literacy, communications, English, and entrepreneurship. These are covered by our foundational programs:

IC3 Ditigital Literacy Certification ESB Entrpreneurship and Small Business CSB-logo ITSpecialist logo

Though Certiport recommends starting with these foundational skills to grow economies, certification programs can be customized to fit economic needs with entry-level specialty skills such as those covered by these programs.

certification programs

Certiport’s portfolio is growing and custom content can be created based on specific needs.

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