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Versant Language Tests: Fast, Accurate, Relevant


The Versant suite of language learning products is designed to assess individuals’ practical, business-relevant language skills and competencies. This comprehensive solution  empowers businesses to confidently hire the best talent and schools to evaluate learners’ skills. The tests use advanced AI to evaluate communication skills accurately and reliably in real business situations. 

The tests are available 24x7, with no need for appointments. As soon as the test is completed, a score report can be accessed, which provides detailed performance insights and helpful suggestions for improvement.

Why choose Versant?

  • Fast: issue tests quickly and receive results within minutes
  • Accurate: Our AI technology accurately assesses language proficiency without any bias
  • Relevant: Practical, business-relevant content to evaluate and recruit candidates
  • Simple to use: Easy to administer and track results through a dedicated dashboard
  • Accessible: 24/7 test availability on website, mobile or desktop
  • Detailed score reports: Provide actionable suggestions for improvement.

Pearson English International Certificate (PEIC): The English test for real-world success

The Pearson English International Certificate (PEIC) is a powerful tool for certifying candidates' real-world English skills. Employers and universities worldwide trust the PEIC as proof of English language ability in real-life contexts. The certificate has been designed to cater to the needs of 21st-century global citizens, opening the doors to opportunities and supporting them in making their mark in a challenging and ever-changing world.

Candidates can schedule their two-hour test at their convenience, take it securely from home, school, or a testing center, and swiftly receive their certificate along with detailed results. The test covers all levels, from A1 to C2, and is open to candidates aged 14 and above. With no specific preparation required, test-takers have access to familiarization resources. By assessing a combination of reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills, the PEIC mirrors the reality of daily communication, providing trusted evidence of language proficiency.