Certiport planned data center transition – production environment

As a reminder, Certiport is preparing to migrate our systems to a new data center environment, scheduled to begin on January 21 at 8:00 am Mountain Standard Time, with validations to be completed on the same day by 8:00 pm Mountain Standard Time. We will send notification when the new data center environment is live and normal operations can resume.

During this transition, the following Certiport systems will be unavailable.

  • Compass for Windows
  • Compass for Mac
  • Portal (the logged in area of our website)
  • Compass Cloud
  • Exams From Home (EFH)
  • Certiport access to OnVUE

As part of this transition, Certiport will no longer be able to provide a range of static IP addresses for communication purposes.


For CATC outbound traffic to Certiport, you will need to allow traffic to the entire following domains (*.certiport.com, *.pearson.com, *.pearsonvue.com, *.starttest.com, *.starttest2.com, *.startpractice.com, *.programworkshop.com, *.gettesting.com).

See our Technical Requirements page for full details.

Please note: If you are using an API that Certiport has provided, we don’t expect changes but please verify all is working post cutover.

Connection Testing Tool

We know that the changes to allow traffic to the Certiport domain need to be tested. Please use the following link to ensure communication between our organizations. If successful, you should see the picture included in this post. If you can see the image, then you can access Azure. If you can't you need to whitelist "*.certiport.com".

Please keep in mind, due to unforeseen circumstances and challenges ahead, all dates are subject to change. We appreciate your understanding and flexibility as we aim to provide the best experience possible.

We appreciate your partnership and will continue to keep you apprised as the project progresses. Thank you for your patience as we work through the remaining details. If you have any specific questions about the data center transition, please contact the Certiport Support Teams.