Introducing Compass Cloud

Certiport, the global-leader in performance-based certification exams, is also the global-leader in exam delivery technology. Only Certiport offers Compass, a secure, stable, and effective exam deployment solution with a simple, user-friendly interface. We are excited to announce a new delivery model within the Certiport Compass platform: Compass Cloud. With Compass Cloud, we can take certification exam delivery to new heights.

Learn all about Compass Cloud and what it means for exam delivery at your Certiport Authorized Testing Center.

What is Compass Cloud?

Compass Cloud is a new delivery model within the Certiport Compass technology platform. It is a completely online, browser-based solution so it doesn’t require the installation of local apps for Microsoft Office Specialist, Adobe Certified Professional, and Autodesk Certified User exams. It also includes new and enhanced features such as group-proctoring capabilities, improved scheduling features, and a simplified candidate experience.

Does Compass Cloud replace what Certiport has traditionally called Compass?

Compass Cloud is schedule first, fully online delivery model that includes all Certiport exam offerings. Compass Cloud does not replace what has traditionally been known as Compass, sometimes referred to as ‘Compass Local’. Compass Local will still be available.

What are the technology options offered within the Certiport Compass platform?

There are three delivery options on the Compass platform: Compass Local, Compass Cloud, and Exams from Home.

What are the key differences between Compass Cloud and Compass Local?

Compass Cloud is a fully online delivery model while Compass Local is a locally installed model. Although their functionality differs in some ways, they also share many similarities, and both are an excellent choice for exam delivery and administration.

Who should consider using Compass Cloud?

Any Certiport Authorized Testing Center (CATC) that administers Certiport exams on Windows, Mac or Chromebook platforms can use Compass Cloud.

What features does Compass Cloud have that are not part of Compass Local?

Compass Cloud provides completely online delivery. It is a browser-based solution and does not require the set up and configuration of live-in-the-application (LITA) software. It has group proctoring capabilities, enhanced exam scheduling features, and delivers a simplified end-user experience.

What are the benefits of using Compass Cloud?

Compass Cloud simplifies exam administration for proctors. There is no need to set up and configure LITA software. It allows the administrator to easily schedule multiple exams. Exam proctoring for a classroom full of exams can be done from one location. Proctors can unlock exams for a group of students or just one student without having to physically visit each of the student’s computers, and Compass Cloud simplifies the student’s exam access experience.

Can a CATC use both Compass Cloud and Compass Local?

CATCs can utilize both Compass Cloud and Compass Local, however only one model can be used during a given exam session.

Which languages is Compass Cloud available for?

Currently, Compass Cloud is available for English. Additional languages will be available soon.

Where can I find more information about Compass Cloud?

Go to or check out our new video here.