What Learning Products Are Available for CSB Certification?

If you’re new to teaching the Communication Skills for Business certification, it can be overwhelming to figure out the best way to teach and help your students pass the certification exams. We’re here to simplify your lesson preparation. Below is the list of learning products available to help you effectively teach CSB certification.


LearnKey takes a modern approach to learning with video-based training, available anywhere, anytime. If you have visual students, the LearnKey courses can be an excellent solution. Jennifer Stubblefield, CERTIFIED Educator of the Year, is the educator throughout the course, keeping things engaging and fun for your students. Plus, to make things easy for you, LearnKey has a self-paced learning mode and an instructor-led mode.

In addition to video training, the LearnKey curriculum includes project-based learning lessons and workbooks with hands-on activities to help students reinforce what they’re learning in your classroom. And it’s easy on teachers, with features like workbooks, full answer keys, and lesson plans. There are lesson files, workbooks, self-assessments, and a glossary. Students can test their own understanding, enabling them to prepare before taking the actual certification. The course takes roughly 21.5 hours to complete, giving you flexibility to incorporate your own content as well.

As part of CSB Academy, we gave teachers an inside look at LearnKey’s curriculum. You can catch the full recording here. You can also connect with a Certiport representative about CSB curriculum for your classroom here