Do You Know Your Pathway?

Certification isn’t a destination, but rather a steppingstone to an educational and career journey. How can you help your students see past their certificate and into the field of possibilities that lie ahead? Enter My Pathway.

What is My Pathway?

Earning a certification is a major accomplishment and the first step toward advancing in academic or career pursuits. Whether candidates have already achieved a single certification or they’re seeking multiple certifications, My Pathway is designed to highlight their specific accomplishments, track their progress, and show them just how far they can go with the right credentials.

My Pathway

Accessing My Pathway is easy. Once logged into their Certiport profile, candidates can select the My Pathway tab. The My Pathway page will showcase certification pathways. Diving into each pathway, candidates can see the pathway requirements, their pathway status, and industry jobs available within that pathway, along with the estimated salary for the listed positions. With a few clicks, students can see the next steps in their certification, educational, and career journey.

What Programs Are on My Pathway?

At this point, there are three certification programs with specific pathways available:

There are also pathways for industry-demanded job roles, such as Visual Design Freelancer, Video Game Producer, Assistant Project Manager, Independent Contractor, Master Entrepreneur, and Office Manager. Additional pathways are scheduled to be added over the coming months. 

Check It Out

Finding My Pathway is simple.

  1. Log into your account at
  2. Click on the My Pathway tab

Make sure to tell your students how to get started on their own pathway. Have them log into their Certiport accounts to see where their certifications will lead.