Analysis and measurement

Maintaining certification examination quality

We are committed to making our certification examinations psychometrically sound and fair. Using industry best practices, the Certiport content managers and psychometricians perform periodic overall and item analysis to ensure that our certification examinations are accurately measuring what they are intended to assess.


To make sure that items meet acceptable standards of quality, Certiport continually monitors the performance of our certification examinations and items. These analyses serve to ensure that acceptable standards of quality are maintained. Those responsible for content development use these analyses to assess item performance and make decisions on the disposition of items. This includes a regular review of pass/fail rates and review of item statistics for parameter drift, an indication that the item has gotten easier or harder over time. Following the content review, each item is either: 1) approved for continued use, 2) sent for re-write, 3) retired and replaced with a new item.

A complete maintenance program of statistical analysis, content review of item performance, and targeted item writing activities ensures that certification examination quality is sustained.

Developing a certification examination: