Developing a certification examination

Certiport certification examinations are designed to measure proficiency in certain knowledge, skills and abilities. Our goal is to create fair, valid, reliable certification examinations.

Exam delivery systems

Certiport’s exclusive web-based exam delivery system, Compass, provides a state-of-the-art experience to test candidates. This secure browser-based software provides a simple and easy way to launch a Certiport certification exam in multiple languages, while providing a user-friendly interface with access to tools and services available in the Certiport Portal. Learn more about Compass.

Certification examination design

Fair, valid, reliable: It all starts with the design of the certification examination. This is where we determine who should be certified, what should be assessed and how to assess it. Learn more about certification examination design.

Content creation

Working with subject matter experts through the item development process, our content development team creates certification examination content that focuses on the appropriate knowledge base. Learn more about content creation.

Certification examination construction

The Certiport testing services team uses industry-leading expertise to efficiently construct and publish certification examinations while maintaining best practices. Learn more about certification examination construction.

Analysis and measurement

Once we’ve started delivering certification examinations, we monitor how they perform. Certiport content managers and psychometricians use ongoing analysis to ensure that our certification examinations and items are certifying qualified candidates. Learn more about analysis and measurement.


Review some of the most frequently asked questions related to the development of a certification exam, the pyschometric process, and even program-specific queries. Review the frequently asked questions.

Glossary of terms

View definitions of words and acronyms used within the above certification examination design pages.