Microsoft Certified Educator Program

Microsoft Certified Educator licensing options

Flexible licensing and other exam delivery options make it easy for your school to certify one to hundreds of instructors; providing a valuable professional development benefit.

Available resources Description
Exam voucher Vouchers are portable and can be used at any Certiport Center. A voucher can be assigned, which will only allow it to be used by a specified individual.
Exam electronic inventory Purchase and access a set number of exams to be used throughout the year. Inventory can only be used by your testing center for which it was purchased and does not require the use of a voucher number. Inventory will adjust each time your instructors attempt the Technology Literacy for Educators (62-193) exam.
100 exam site license
250 exam site license
500 exam site license
Now you can implement testing across your entire site with a low-cost, annual fee; eliminating per-test costs. Not only is site licensing easy to budget for, but it also provides a unique professional development benefit to all instructors at your school.