Celebrating English Language Day with Pearson Language Learning

Happy English Language Day! According to the UN, one in every four people in UN countries uses English, and English communication is increasingly common, even for non-native speakers. Employers around the world are demanding English proficiency and are rewarding employees with English skills.

At Certiport, we’re excited to celebrate English Language Day with our partners at Pearson. Pearson offers language products that can support recruitment, learning, and development. From learning and practice solutions to testing, Pearson Language Learning enables students and employees to enhance their English language skills, equipping them for success in various aspects of life, whether it be for daily communication or pursuing opportunities to study, work, or live abroad.

Discover which Pearson Language Learning tools you can use to celebrate English skills today and beyond.

Resources for Learners

Looking for ways to improve or demonstrate your English skills? Here are a few options:

Mondly by Pearson

Mondly by Pearson is a fun, easy, and effective way to learn a new language anytime, anywhere, on any device. The platform allows learners to develop their language skills and be prepared for the most common situations, practice their fluency, and allow for constant improvement via bite-sized daily lessons.

There are currently 41 languages available the platform, and learners can choose to learn from their native language. The platform uses gamification strategies and advanced language learning technologies to help learners develop their English skills quickly and effectively. Learners focus on memorizing common phrases, listening to native speakers, practicing real conversations, and solidifying their knowledge using a unique repetition system. These lessons give learners both the skills and confidence to master a new language.

Step Up by Pearson

Step Up provides learners with the skills to succeed in a competitive job market while developing their English Language skills. There are two ways to learn: a self-study course or a self-study course combined with a teacher-led class. Learners develop English language skills through practice in listening, reading, and notetaking skills, pronunciation practice and employability skills practice. Upon completion of the course, learners can proudly display their digital Credly badge and share their achievements across social media.

Pearson English International Certificate (PEIC)

The Pearson English International Certificate (PEIC) is a powerful tool for certifying candidates' real-world English skills. The certificate has been designed to cater to the needs of 21st-century global citizens, opening the doors to opportunities and supporting them in making their mark in a challenging and ever-changing world.

The test covers all levels, from A1 to C2. The PEIC assesses a combination of reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. This comprehensive approach mirrors the reality of daily communication and provides trusted evidence of language proficiency.

Resources for Businesses

Searching for the right hire with the English skills you need for success in your business? Versant is a great tool for you.

Versant by Pearson

The Versant suite of language learning products is designed to assess individuals’ practical, business-relevant language skills and competencies. This comprehensive solution empowers businesses to confidently hire the best talent and partner with schools to evaluate learners’ skills. The tests use advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to evaluate communication skills accurately and reliably in real business situations.

The tests are available 24-7, with no need for appointments. As soon as the test is completed, a score report can be accessed, which provides detailed performance insights and helpful suggestions for improvement.

There are multiple exams in the Versant suite, depending on your businesses’ assessment needs. Companies can choose from the 4-Skills Essential test, the English Placement test, Professional English test, English Speaking test, or English Writing test. Ensure that your potential employees have the English skills you need.

Interested in expanding your English language resources? Get additional details here.