Exciting changes coming to Unity Certified User: VR Developer

Certiport is thrilled to announce an update to the Unity Certified User program. In early 2024, Unity Certified User: VR Developer will evolve from a specialization certification into a standalone certification with a full-length exam and no prerequisite.

Currently, the VR Developer exam is 30-minutes long and available only to individuals who have passed the Unity Certified User: Programmer exam. In response to customer feedback and extensive research, Certiport and Unity have decided to remove the Programmer prerequisite for the new 50-minute version of the exam that is expected to launch in January, at which point the 30-minute exam will be retired.

Unity is the leading platform for creating real-time 3D experiences. As the demand for immersive and interactive content -- including Virtual Reality (VR) -- continues to grow, so does the demand for Unity skills. The upcoming changes to our VR Developer certification will enable more creators around the globe to pursue high-growth careers by offering a beginner-friendly entry point, perfect for students, educators, and independent learners with no prior coding experience.

What's changing?

The key changes are summarized below, and additional updates will be shared here.

  • Current exam (retiring in January)
    • Exam objectives
    • 20 questions in 30 minutes
    • Unity Certified User: Programmer is a prerequisite.
    • Requires prior experience with C# programming.
  • New exam (launching in January)
    • New exam objectives
    • Approximately 40 questions in 50 minutes
    • No prerequisites
    • All programming knowledge that is required is contained within the exam objectives, practice tests, and learning materials.

After the launch, valid pre-existing vouchers that had been purchased for the 30-minute VR Developer exam will be honored for the new 50-minute VR Developer exam.

What's not changing?

The VR Developer exam name and certification badge design will remain the same. There is no impact to the Programmer and Artist certifications.

What resources are available for the new exam?

The new exam objectives are available here. Candidates who have been preparing for the 30-minute VR Developer exam will see that there is considerable overlap. Updates to the practice tests and learning products are underway.

In addition to free software, Unity offers a wide range of free teaching and learning resources, including a VR Development pathway and Create with VR course.

Interested in learning more about Unity Certified User and the new VR Developer exam? Connect with your Certiport Territory Manager here.