GDLC to lead discussions at 2023 APEC Human Resources Conference

We are excited to participate alongside the Global Digital Literacy Council (GDLC) in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Human Resources Development Working Group (HRDWG) 2023 annual meeting on May 16, 2023, in Detroit, MI.

The Global Digital Literacy Council is an advisory group comprised of corporate executives, government officials, academicians, and industry influencers working together to define international digital literacy standards and the means through which these standards can be validated.

Over the past several years, in partnership with Certiport, the GDLC analyzed market trends and job data to understand the workforce landscape and the relevance of digital literacy as a crucial job skill. This collaboration and research led to the development and delivery of the IC3 Digital Literacy certification program that validates learners’ digital skills, now in its most recent version, the Global Standard 6.

In a two-hour session hosted by the Council, representatives from the GDLC will lead discussions around digital literacy as a workforce skill. “Our research with Certiport shows that digital skills are crucial to sustaining the well-being of and drive to prosperity for economies around the world. We deeply admire the work of APEC and the HRDWG and feel privileged to showcase our analysis and findings in their annual meeting in Detroit,” said Nich Haber, Chair of the Global Digital Literacy Council.

In line with HRDWG’s 2023 theme of “Promoting Equitable and Inclusive Education and Skills Training Opportunities in the Asia-Pacific Region,” the session will host diverse members of APEC economies and discuss the positive impact of teaching and testing digital literacy skills in the APEC region. “At APEC, we have focused this year on creating a resilient and sustainable future for all, with special emphasis on policies that promote interconnectivity, innovation, and inclusivity,” said Zhao Li, Lead Shepherd, HRDWG. “Our HRDWG plenary meeting is a chance to discuss the best ways to create a sustainable and bright future for our economies. We are looking forward to learning from the Global Digital Literacy Council.”

Learn more about APEC and HRDWG here. Additional information about the Global Digital Literacy Council can be found here.