Meet our new Micronesian partner: Island Training Solutions

We are so excited to announce our new partnership with Island Training Solutions in Micronesia.

Through its customized approach to design and implementation, Island Training Solutions has become a leading learning resource throughout Micronesia, offering training and certifications to a variety of clients ranging from large corporations and government agencies to small non-profit organizations. Island Training Solutions will now partner with Certiport to provide industry-recognized certifications to learners in Micronesia.

“We are delighted about our new partnership with Island Training Solutions,” said Craig Bushman, General Manager of Certiport. “Industry-recognized certifications can have a significant impact on a student's career prospects in Micronesia by demonstrating industry-relevant skills, increasing job opportunities, improving earning potential, enhancing professional credibility, and advancing career progression.”

“Globally, employers continue to report a shortage of qualified workers, and although employers have many job openings, they struggle to find skilled, qualified applicants to fill those positions. Certification helps close the gap, benefitting not only individual learners, but also our country and its economy,” said Jim Arenovski, Owner of Island Training Solutions. “Certiport is the sole provider of some of the world’s biggest academic certification programs, and we are excited to be able to offer their full portfolio of certifications to the people of Micronesia.”

These certifications, plus additional curriculum and learning materials, are now available to Island Training Solutions’ learners. To learn more about Island Training Solutions please visit