Certiport Partners with NFTE to Expand Entrepreneurship Certification Access

Decades ago, if you wanted to become an entrepreneur, you would simply start your own business and either sink or swim. Today, aspiring entrepreneurs can learn foundational skills through programs that position them to navigate the inevitable rough waters, making business more accessible and equitable. We’ve partnered with global nonprofit Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) to expand access to the NFTE ESB Prep and Start It Up! programs, both of which prepare learners to earn a Certiport Entrepreneurship and Small Business certification.

The ESB Prep (secondary) and Start It Up! (postsecondary) programs combine an entrepreneurship curriculum with enhanced services that help education and workforce development organizations deliver engaging and effective skill-building programming. ESB Prep will help prepare candidates for our Entrepreneurship and Small Business (ESB) certification, validating candidates’ understanding of core business principles, including the essentials needed to launch and maintain a successful business.

The entrepreneurial spirit is growing across the U.S. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 5.4 million new business applications were filed in 2021, a new record over 2020’s 4.4 million applications. Unfortunately, many new business owners lack a solid understanding of foundational business principles, leading many to close their doors too soon. By connecting business educators and workforce development organizations with the Start It Up! postsecondary program, Certiport and NFTE are hoping to change the narrative.

“Entrepreneurs play a crucial role in the success of the American economy. Preparing future business leaders is a crucial part of today’s educational landscape,” said Krista Ketchmark, VP of IT Business Development at Pearson VUE. “Our team is thrilled to further our partnership with NFTE. The ESB Prep and Start It Up! programs are excellent resources for educators looking to prepare successful entrepreneurs and business leaders for the workforce.”

NFTE already has many youth entrepreneurs who have earned the ESB certification, including:

  • Nayael Jones, who hopes to launch ‘More to Give,’ a business that shines a light on small organizations dedicated to making change
  • Leon Grigoruk, Roman Savko, Darian Miroshnik, who hope to launch ‘Peers, a platform that helps students find peer tutors
  • Lorena Vazquez, who hopes to launch Nori Forest, an organization that cleans pollutants from the oceans

“Entering the workforce without problem-solving and critical-thinking skills is not an option. Our ESB Prep and Start It Up! programs help students and workforce candidates develop these skills and more,” said Jason Delgatto, VP of Curriculum and Research at NFTE. “NFTE is proud to partner with Certiport. Combining our curriculum resources with their Entrepreneurship and Small Business certification better prepares students to enter the workforce with the business savvy and entrepreneurship knowledge needed to launch successful businesses.”

NFTE’s ESB Prep and Start It Up! curricula are now available for purchase through Certiport. Learn more about NFTE’s Start It Up! program at www.nfte.com/programs. To learn more about Certiport’s Entrepreneurship and Small Business certification, visit www.certiport.com/esb.