Girl Power in Engineering

Yes, things are getting better. We are seeing more women in all sectors of the workforce, including in the science and engineering sector. However, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, still only 13% of engineers are women.

Below are four engineering groups that recognize that we still have much work to do and are determined to change the status quo. They seek to inspire and empower young engineers-to-be and equip them with resources and a vision for the future. As an educator or student, or as a parent or neighbor, see what you can do to support young women around you through these incredible organizations.


FabFems empowers young women by connecting them with inspiring female role models who are making a difference in STEM industries. Its impressive directory of women in various STEM-related occupations who are willing to serve as role models is accessible to young women, girl-serving STEM programs, and other related organizations.

Visit the FabFems website today to find a role model for your students.

Girls Who Code

Girls Who Code’s mission is “to close the gender gap in technology and to change the image of what a programmer looks like and does.” They provide after-school clubs for 3rd to 12th grade students, a 2-week long summer immersion coding camp for high school students, and networking opportunities for female college students who are studying tech.

Visit the Girls Who Code website for more information on exciting opportunities that the organization offers students.

Techbridge Girls

Techbridge Girls is a leader and innovator of informal STEM education. Its mission is to excite, educate, and equip girls from low-income communities by delivering high-quality, hands-on STEM education. Techbridge Girls provides after-school programs, partners with Title 1 schools, and educates teachers in low-income schools on making STEM education more relevant and exciting. The organization also works closely with STEM employers and provides resources to create networking opportunities.

Techbridge Girls’ programmatic approach is based on equity, holistic interventions/ecosystem approach, research and rigor, and the Positive Youth Development framework. Learn more about their program here.

Engineer Girls

The EngineerGirl website was designed to bring attention to the exciting opportunities that engineering can provide for girls and women. The website is a service of the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) and grew out of the work of the NAE Committee on the Diversity of the Engineering Workforce. The site was launched in 2001 with input from a specially-selected Girls Advisory Board, a group of ambitious and energetic girls from all over the United States and Canada.

The website contains interviews and stories of historical and current women engineers, information on careers in engineering (what they do and how to get here), and fun engineering projects that can be done at home. Visit Engineer Girls and explore possibilities after possibilities.

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