Stay Connected to CERTIFIED

At Certiport, connecting with educators is what keeps us going. We love hosting our annual CERTIFIED Educator Conference. CERTIFIED is the only education conference dedicated to exploring the pure potential and promise of certification in the classroom. It’s a great opportunity to listen, learn, and collaborate with a community of educators who share your passion for using certification to improve education and change lives.

But how can you keep the momentum and enthusiasm of CERTIFIED going all year long? We’ve compiled our top educator resources to help you stay engaged, excited, and energetic in your classroom.

CERTIFIED in the CATC Newsletter

If you haven’t subscribed to the CATC newsletter, consider this our nudge. The CATC Newsletter provides a wealth of information pertaining to Certiport exams, learning materials, important dates, special events and much more. The newsletter is your resource for updates on CERTIFIED registration, information on the CERTIFIED schedule, plus sneak peeks into CERTIFIED breakout session content.

Subscribing is easy! Fill out the form on this page and watch your inbox on Thursday mornings.

CERTIFIED Educator Community

Once the curtains have closed on our annual CERTIFIED event, your first stop should be the CERTIFIED Educator Community. This community is a chance to continue connections and networking from the conference all year long! Get advice from fellow educators, discover new tools, and learn best practices for classroom success. Plus, you’ll be the first to know about new Certiport blog posts and upcoming Certiport Academy courses.

Request to join and don’t be afraid to post your questions or concerns to the community. Your knowledge, experience, and questions will be a huge benefit to other teachers across the world.

CERTIFIED Educator Podcast

If you missed the announcement during our keynote by Certiport’s VP of Marketing, Craig Bushman, then we have news for you. Certiport resources are now available on your favorite podcast app! This podcast is designed for educators, to help you learn new ideas and stay excited about teaching. We’ll be sitting down with certified professionals and students to learn all about the power of certification. Plus, learn tips and tricks from fellow educators to get ideas on setting classroom expectations, getting funding for your classroom, and creating a culture of creative students.

Ready to listen? You can find the all the episodes on Spotify or Apple Podcasts. Don’t forget to follow for the latest episodes.


Whether summer is your chance to wind down or you’re busy planning for the new year, it can be tough to attend every session of CERTIFIED live. That’s why we place our CERTIFIED recorded sessions on the Certiport YouTube channel. You can see full sessions, plus CERTIFIED webinars, and promo videos; all within a convenient CERTIFIED YouTube playlist.

Professional development shouldn’t be stressful. Using our YouTube page, you can get advice from expert educators; learn what’s coming from Certiport; and stay updated on next year’s events; all on your own schedule.

So what are you waiting for? CERTIFIED is right at your fingertips!