Meet Compass, Certiport’s Delivery Solution

At Certiport, we deliver over three million exams a year. Our partners and our customers trust us because they know our exams are securely delivered. All our certifications are delivered through a state-of-the-art technology called Compass. Wondering what makes Compass so great? Find out all the details below.

What is Compass?

Compass is an exam delivery solution that securely delivers certification exams to schools, universities, commercial learning centers, and individuals in remote locations. Compass is robust, but easy to use. The lightweight structure reduces downloads, and the user-friendly interface enables access to the same tools and services available in the Certiport Portal.

Delivery Options

Compass supports multiple modes of delivery: Local, on-premise configurations, browser-based deployment, and controlled environments.

For on-premise delivery, such as testing centers in high schools, colleges, and commercial education centers, Compass is loaded directly onto computers and local servers. With a locally-installed Compass client, testing events can be prepared ahead of time. Should an internet connection be lost during testing, point-in-time exams are saved for resumption with connectivity.

For candidates looking to test off-site, Compass has an effective browser-based component that enables exams to be taken anywhere an internet connection is available. Also known as Exams from Home, Compass’ browser-based technology enables delivery via the cloud to any compatible device. Chat and shared-screen technology allow teachers to provide classroom-like assistance. Exam delivery is not dependent upon homogenous hardware configurations and updated local clients, freeing administrators from local hardware restrictions and maintenance.

Compass is also an excellent solution for environments where technology is closely controlled, such as correctional facilities. This brings the benefits of Certiport certification to many who would not otherwise have the opportunity.

Compass Compatibility

Compass is compatible with Windows, Macs, and Chromebooks, making it easy to delivery exams in various locations around the world. Plus, it’s available in multiple languages, making it a truly global solution.

Interested in learning more about Compass? Contact your Certiport Territory Manager here, or visit our Compass page for additional details.