Announcing the New CSB English for IT Certification

Employers around the world are demanding English proficiency and are rewarding employees with English skills. According to a report by Cambridge Assessment, companies provide faster progression through job grades, salary increases, and more senior roles to employees with English communication skills.

Certiport is dedicated to helping people succeed through certification, and we are thrilled to announce the newest certification in the Communication Skills for Business portfolio: the CSB English for IT certification. When pursuing a career in Information Technology (IT), English proficiency is instrumental. In the world today, most English speakers are non-native speakers. In fact, for every native English speaker there are five nonnative English speakers, and 96% of the conversations happening all around the world involve non-native English speakers. For this reason, it is important to use plain English in order to communicate effectively. Also, since 80% of the information stored in the world’s computers is in English, and English is the world’s technology language, it is necessary to learn a form of English that is technical but simple.

The CSB English for IT exam will validate a candidate’s ability to work in an IT setting or in an entry-level IT job using English. With this certification, students and professionals around the world can demonstrate their English communication skills, providing tangible benefits for their career and employer. Along with testing knowledge on English competence in an IT-related environment, the exam will also measure listening, reading, and the use of English. The targeted proficiency level for candidates taking this exam is B2 in the CEFH and 59-75 in the Global Scale of English. An individual earning this certification will require approximately 150 hours of instruction and hands-on experience in English competence in an IT-related environment. The exam itself is 90 minutes, covering 60 questions. 

Schools and training centers interested in the CSB English for IT certification exam can leverage Certiport’s full pathway solution, including learning materials and practice exams. All CSB English for IT resources should be available January 2022.

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