Why I Became an Autodesk Certified User – Part II

There are many design tools and credentials in the marketplace. But every year, thousands of students and professionals decide to learn how to utilize Autodesk and prove their skills by becoming Autodesk Certified Users. Why? Read their stories below and find out what motivated them to get certified and how it has helped them to jumpstart their careers.

"I started using Fusion 360 to develop an automobile as a chief engineer of the Formula SAE team at Miami Dade College. It was awe-inspiring to see how professionally and effectively the project could be done by using this software. That motivated me to learn all the ins and outs of Fusion 360. I am proud to say that learning this software (and even getting certified in it) has increased my ability as a mechanical engineer and enhanced my resume significantly. As someone who is from a country where technology is not as advanced as it is in the US, I am excited and grateful for every opportunity that allows me to learn new skills and gain additional credentials."

--Juan Daniel, United States

"I studied architecture in college. I decided to further my skills and knowledge in software that could help me apply for jobs and work efficiently. The ACU certification is a great addition to my resume."

--Dyoselle Carpio, Philippines

"Being certified by Autodesk is an honor. I am a senior architecture student and Autodesk software, such as AutoCAD and Revit, have played an important role throughout my academic career. The ACU certification has helped me in getting my internship and now it is helping me with my application to pursue a Master's in my dream college abroad."

--Shruthi Nair, India

"I am grateful for the certification. It has allowed me to create more trust with my associates as we work together on projects."

--Alonso Carrillo, Mexico

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