Building Cars and My Career with ACU Certification

Engines revving. Gas pumping. Cars zooming. Racing cars are a feast for the senses. But none of this would be possible without engineers and designers. Juan Luna Jose knows what it takes to build a car from the ground up. Juan’s uncle introduced him to motocross and cars when he was just 13. However, his career as an engineer truly launched when he became an Autodesk Certified User. Find out how Juan is using his ACU certification to engineer cars around the world.

Certiport: Juan, we are so excited that you agreed to share your story with us.

Juan: Absolutely! I’m so passionate about what I do, and it’s certainly been a whirlwind. I’m excited to sit down and reflect on how far I’ve come.

Certiport: Tell us a little bit about your work and educational efforts.

Juan: I’m currently a student at Florida International University, working toward my bachelor’s degree. When I first earned my Autodesk certification, I was pursuing my associate degree at Miami Dade College.

Certiport: Which certifications have you earned?

Juan: I have earned two certifications so far. One of my certifications is in Generative Design for Manufacturing, and the second is the Autodesk Fusion 360 Certified User certification.

Certiport: Amazing, multiple certifications and multiple degrees.

Juan: I’m definitely working hard.

Certiport: Absolutely! Did you know you always wanted to work in engineering?

Juan: My love of cars and engineering started very early on in my life. When I was 13 years old, my uncle used to take me with him anywhere with motocross or cars. He was completely immersed in that world and brought me with him. One day he sat me down and taught me how to assemble a motocross engine from scratch. I still know how to change the carburetors of any motocross. When I turned 18, we took on our biggest project: the LUDA 600R (which was made in Universidad Dominicana O&M, Dominican Republic). We brought in reinforcements; my brother, uncle, father, and I all worked on it together. It was the first car that I’d ever built. We even got to go to the track and race it with the other cars.

Juan Car

Certiport: Your passion started so early! Have you done design work, in addition to building cars?

Juan: Before I got certified, I was already designing parts for body kits for cars at a medium-sized company. Working there really boosted my confidence. That's when I started to think about getting certified for future opportunities and how I could boost my resume. Luckily the Makers Lab, a lab for engineers and architects at Miami-Dade College, offered ACU certifications.

Certiport: Has your ACU certification helped expand your portfolio and experience?

Juan: Without a doubt. I’ve gotten so many job offers, including an offer from Atlis Motor Vehicles, a start-up that makes electric trucks. I also collaborated with a Formula SAE team in Spain. I helped them develop a lighter and strong knuckle for their Formula car by using generative design in Autodesk Fusion 360. Later, I collaborated with a company in Russia. They wanted to print in metal the brake caliper I had designed for my Formula SAE car while I was at Miami-Dade College. I never would’ve dreamed of getting so much experience before even finishing my degree.

Certiport: You’re internationally known! Sounds like your ACU certification has opened a lot of doors.

Juan: More than I could’ve hoped for. My biggest priority at this point is to finish my degree and then find a job I’m passionate about. I want to be an engineer entrepreneur and have a society of engineers to help solve the world’s problems.

Certiport: We have no doubt that you’ll succeed. Speaking of success, what advice would you offer to other students like you that are looking for engineering opportunities and careers?

Juan: My best advice that I could give to them is to get out of the box. Never be shy. Do research on anything you are doing. Always keep yourself updated. Don't be afraid to FAIL; LEARN from your mistakes. Meet with people on the same path as you, learn from them, and always be grateful to those who help you grow.

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