LearnKey Remote Compatibility

Teaching through COVID continues, and with many schools facing a full semester of hybrid or at-home learning, finding courseware and practice materials for your students can be tricky. We want to show you all the options, and what works for students without access to software at home.

Our first remote compatibility walk-through is with our partners at LearnKey. You can see the full platform walk through on our YouTube channel, or check out the major highlights below.

What is LearnKey?

LearnKey is a Certiport Authorized Learning Partner and premier global provider of on-demand education and employability training solutions. For three decades, their mission has been to create flexible expert learning solutions - solutions that work for everyone because they are not only easy to use, but they are extremely engaging and interactive.

LearnKey is powered by GMetrix, which means that students can access the courseware and practice exams through one portal.

Does LearnKey have courseware for all Certiport certifications?

LearnKey aligns with our ACA, ACU, CSB, ESB, IC3, MOS, MTA, MTC, and QuickBooks certifications (except for the new IC3 GS6 and MTC exams, which are still in production).

My students are using Chromebooks or may not have the software at home. Will LearnKey work for them?

For all our MOS teachers, the answer is "Absolutely!" LearnKey was originally designed for in-application testing. However, with students not in a school computer lab, this in-application testing may not be an option. With that in mind, LearnKey has developed the simulations mentioned below. These simulations are part the Exercise Lab and Post-Assessment portions of the lessons.

When a student reaches the Exercise Lab portion, they will click to begin as normal, at which point a pop-up window will give them two options. One is to test on the GMetrix SMS, which is the option for those who have access to software. Those without software will select the second option, which is the simulation.

What LearnKey features can my students use at home?

  • Simulations: This is the new and biggest feature change from LearnKey. LearnKey has added simulations to the MOS 365/2019, ACA CC 2018/2019/2020 courses, ACU CAD, Revit, and Inventor courses, QBCU courses, ESB, and CSB courses. This way your students can use the traditional live in the app experience, or they can use the simulated environment if the applications are not available on their computer (such a bonus for students using Chromebooks at home!).
  • Pre-Assessment: This section will help students establish their baseline knowledge, while showing them what topics will need additional time.
  • Study Guides: After students submit the pre-assessment, they will see a topic breakdown. To the right of the topic, they can select a study guide that corresponds to the given topic. This is an expounded section that will help students get a more in-depth view of topics that may be difficult for them.
  • Video Training: These are filmed to primarily showcase the process within the software. Student can see a visual representation of the correct process for a given objective.
  • Exercise Labs: After completing the video training, the exercise lab can help reinforce the learning by allowing students to complete a given objective on their own, within the software. If students are working on a Chromebook or other computer that doesn’t have access to the software, they will select the simulation (more on that above).
  • Post-Assessment: Once they’ve completed the labs and trainings, they can complete the section’s post-assessment. This shows students their new knowledge level, after going through the additional training. If they want to go back and see what they missed here, they can use the “Resume Review” feature to go through the questions missed, without spending time on topics they’ve already mastered.
  • Flashcards: If students want additional help or definitions for key terms, flashcards are available to break those terms down. These can be found within the Glossaries tab.
  • Workbooks: Extra practice never hurts. These workbooks can be uploaded to any LMS. They are saved as PDFs so they can be downloaded and broken up as needed, giving students a section at a time, or even just an individual worksheet.

How long are the video trainings?

LearnKey has heard your feedback and has now broken video trainings into smaller chunks. The videos are broken down into chunks based on the certification domains and lessons. Each lesson includes 15-20 minutes of video training and 15-20 minutes of exercise labs.

Can I pull grades and status updates straight into Canvas?

Yes. LearnKey is powered by GMetrix and GMetrix does offer a learning tools interoperability connection with Canvas. If you’re interested in setting up this connection, reach out to your Certiport Territory Manager for the LTI set-up documentation.

Interested in discussing your Chromebooks-based learning products options with your Certiport Territory Manager? Connect with them here.