Preparing Students for the Certiport Exams from Home Experience

Many of you incredible teachers have taken advantage of the Certiport Exams from Home offering to help your students get certified during the COVID-19 pandemic. During the Exams from Home process, you can interact in real time with a Certiport employee that is administering the exam. Recently, our VP of Marketing proctored an exam for Miami Dade College ACA instructor, Tommy Demos.

Tommy put in substantial leg work to get his students prepared for the new Exams from Home process. He even created a Kahoot quiz to help his students go through the various preparation steps required. The Kahoot quiz tests students on the exam preparatory materials, the tutorial videos and their login and password. Additionally, it reminds students to create an alert on their calendar to remind them of the test date and time.

In true teacher fashion, Tommy is sharing this Kahoot quiz with all of you, to help you prepare your students for the new online testing experience. You can access and modify the quiz to meet your needs. All the material is available here.

And don’t forget, if you’re still looking for resources to solidify your students knowledge before their certification exam, you can access Certiport’s 90-day free learning materials trial here.

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