Behind the Scenes of “CERTIFIED: The Journey to the MOS World Championship”

At Certiport, we know there’s always a story behind every competitor at the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Championship. These students don’t just excel in the classroom, they excel in life! Partnering with Microsoft for the creation of the first ever MOS World Championship documentary allowed us to share the stories of some of the amazing MOS US National Champions. Keep reading to learn more about Certiport’s MOS Championship and Microsoft’s new film.

What is the Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship?

The Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship presented by Certiport, Inc. is a global competition that tests students’ skills on Microsoft Office Word, Excel® and PowerPoint®. Students who have earned top scores on their MOS certification exams are invited to compete in this prestigious event, representing countries from across the globe. In the 2019 competition alone, nearly 1.5 million exams were entered into the competition. It’s a combination of country pride, 21st-century skills, and unbridled, nerdy enthusiasm. What could be better?

What is “CERTIFIED: The Journey to the MOS World Championship”?

This film is a 30-minute video, sharing the stories, struggles, and triumphs of four teenagers: Kevin Dimaculangan of Florida, Linh Nguyen of Washington, Cameron Pillatsch of Virginia, and Jesse Ssengonzi of North Carolina. Through their schools’ CTE programs, these students discovered a passion and talent for Microsoft Office programs. Their skills and dedication brought them to compete at the highest level: Certiport’s Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) World Championship — known as the international games of Microsoft Office. Balancing lives as teenagers, students, and competitors, these kids face rising pressure to bring home the gold.

Interested in learning more, or watching the film for yourself? Check out all the details, stories, and the full documentary here.

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