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The benefits of partnering with Certiport on a statewide implementation are:

  • Volume discounts on all of Certiport’s IT certification programs, curriculum, and practice test licenses
  • Opportunity for all students in the state, regardless of school size and location
  • Free professional development for all educators at Certiport-sponsored testing events
  • Red carpet deployment services:
    • Dedicated Certiport project manager with ownership for overall state success and individual user experience
    • In-person kick-off meeting to determine timelines, schedules, and annual certification goals/targets
    • Weekly conference call with key stakeholders to review performance, achievements, and overall certification activity in the state
    • Campaigns and competitions to encourage certification outcomes throughout the state, including the opportunity to send state champions to Certiport’s annual Microsoft Office Specialist U.S. National Championship
    • Full reporting functionality for statewide roll-up and legislative reports, including full statewide analysis, LEA/regional reporting, district by district, and school/teacher/student

Join these states that have already embedded certification into their education pathway with great results:

Statewide Map

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