Student certification transcript

Once students earn their first certification, they automatically build a Certiport transcript. They will always be able to access their Certiport transcript from their Test Candidate account.

Student Certiport transcript

Credly digital badges:

Students have access to Credly, a comprehensive digital credentialing platform. As they build their transcript, Credly helps students share their credentials through digital badges, which can be displayed on their resumes, LinkedIn and email signatures.

When students earn a certification, they will receive an email from Credly with instructions on how to accept their digital badge. The email is sent to the address the student has associated with their Certiport Test Candidate account. Students will be required to create an account with Credly to access and manage all the badges they earn.

Best practices:

  • Encourage students to update their Test Candidate account with an active (and monitored) email address so they receive messages about their badges.
  • Offer incentives for students to share their digital badges on social media and celebrate your students’ successes via your Facebook and/or Twitter account.
  • Teach a quick lesson on how students manage and share their Certiport transcript with potential employers and admission officers. Then have students share their Certiport transcript from their Test Candidate account with you so they’re familiar with the process.
  • Ensure students update their Test Candidate account with the email address they’ll use after they graduate so they can always access their Certiport transcript and digital badges.