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Use the form on this page when requesting an Autodesk (ACU or ACP) exam session for only 1 or 2 Test Candidates through the Exams from Home Solution. Sessions requested in this solution are English (ENU) exams for North American CATCs only. For languages outside of English please see our Exams List page.

Note: If you would like to schedule an Autodesk (ACU or ACP) exam for a Test Candidate with an ADA accommodation, please see our ADA page.

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Important info

After the submission is received, we will provide you with the date and time when your exams can be administered. When you have reviewed the information, please reply as a final confirmation of the appointment.

  • Due to the high volume of exam requests, it may take two business days to receive your approval
  • We will try to fulfill all requests but would appreciate advanced notice. Requests for next day appointments cannot be honored
  • Any additional questions can be asked by replying to the same email thread in which you sent your request
  • You will be emailed URL links for each of your Test Candidates about an hour before your session begins. These must be forwarded to the Test Candidates and each URL is unique to a specific candidate and exam
  • If for any reason the session cannot begin on time (within a 5-minute grace period), Certiport reserves the right to cancel the session and reschedule for a later date
  • Autodesk exams cannot be administered on Chromebooks - see the Test Candidate page for a full list of technical requirements

Scheduling an Autodesk exam

To schedule an Autodesk (ACU or ACP) exam for 1 or 2 Test Candidates through Exams from Home, please use the form below. If you would like to schedule more than 2 candidates for ACU, please log in and schedule using the calendar for Self-Service. If you would like to schedule more than 2 candidates for ACP, please fill out the web form again for each pair of candidates requested. For detailed information on scheduling more than 2 candidates see the home page.

Important: Please fill out your name as the CATC Instructor. Do not send any personally identifiable information about your Test Candidates via this email request. 
Important: Failure to input your correct local time zone may result in delays or a complete reschedule of your desired time. Certiport only offers sessions at the top of each hour from 7am to 4pm Mountain Time , so you must select a local time slot that does not fall outside of that window. Do not select your time slot based on Mountain Time.

Please complete all of the fields marked with an asterisk (*).

  • Note: This form is used to schedule Autodesk exams only.
    To schedule a candidate with ADA accommodations click here »

  • Preferred dates and times (with time zone) for each of your sessions requested. Please include your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices.
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