Exams from Home

Certiport has completed the pilot program, "Certiport Exams from Home," which allows for administered exams to be delivered to individuals on their own devices from home. We appreciate the thousands of individuals who have participated in this pilot.

Those who have pending scheduled exams for this pilot will still receive the scheduled testing. If you are awaiting a scheduling slot to participate, we have good news! We are finalizing preparations to scale this solution and formally release it out of pilot very soon. If you have already submitted a request to participate, you will be first in line as we move out of the pilot phase.

We will soon be formally launching the "Certiport Exams from Home" solution with streamlined scheduling and expanded availability to accommodate the enormous request from Certiport Authorized Testing Centers (CATC's) who wish to use this offering. We are pleased that survey results to those who have participated indicate that 98% had a very positive testing experience.

Additionally, Certiport is finalizing testing of this solution internationally for global availability. Thank you again to all who have participated thus far.

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