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We recognize the difficult nature that COVID-19 has placed on educators, administrators and businesses. In an effort to support customers and individuals to continue their education online in these extraordinary times, Certiport has developed a home-based assessment solution using virtual machines that allows for administered exams that Test Candidates can take from home, now extended until December 31, 2020. We have also begun live Self-Service trainings every week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, see the Exam Admin page for more information.

With “Certiport Exams from Home,” Test Candidates can have a seamless and convenient testing experience, as long as they have a high-speed internet connection from home. It is our hope that this “Certiport Exams from Home” solution will allow individuals to continue their education experience and complete the school year with an industry-recognized certification for their future college and career success.

Note: Exams from Home is available only where permitted by law.

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Exams from Home delivery models

Certiport has developed two models for the Exams from Home solution outlined below, now available in English only for CATCs in North America only.

Important info

  • Due to the high volume of exam requests, it may take two business days to receive your approval
  • For any questions or changes to a scheduled exam session in any of the above options, see our support page. Inquiries should be made at least two business days in advance
  • We ask that you only request exam reservations for the number of exams that you will use
  • Requests for next day appointments cannot be honored
  • View the Technical Requirements and best practices for the Test Candidate and the Exam Administrator (Self-Service only)
  • Review all guides and videos

Scheduling your session

To participate, review the information on this page and determine the actual number of committed Test Candidates carefully in your session request. No-shows waste a valuable seat another Test Candidate could have used. When ready, use one of the methods below to schedule your Exams from Home session for either Self-Service (calendar), Single-Service (calendar), single Autodesk (web form), or single ADA (web form):

Self-Service and Single-Service (calendar):

  • Self Service - To schedule 3-10 candidates as an Organization Administrator (requires login): Log in, change your role in the dropdown at the top of the page to "Organization Administrator", mouse over the "Training & Tools" tab and click the menu item for "Schedule Exams".
  • Self Service - To schedule 3-10 candidates as a Proctor (requires login): Log in, change your role in the dropdown at the top of the page to "Proctor", and click the "Schedule Exams" tab. (Becoming a Proctor)
  • Single Service - To schedule or reschedule a single candidate (requires login): Log in using the Org Admin or Proctor methods described above and choose a block under the Single-Service section. Single-Service works for all exams except Autodesk (ACU and ACP) or Test Candidates with ADA accommodations. See the web form options below for scheduling a candidate for Autodesk or ADA.

Scheduling 1-2 candidates (web form):

  • To schedule or reschedule 1-2 candidates with Autodesk (ACU or ACP) using the web form: Please see the Autodesk-only page.
  • To schedule or reschedule 1-2 candidates with an ADA accommodation using the web form: Please see the ADA-only page.
Note: The Certiport Exams from Home solution is currently available in North America - English (ENU) only. See our Exams List page for more information on additional languages.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: What if I have not received my session hyperlink by the time our scheduled session has begun?
A: We will be sending out most links 8 am MT (Mountain Time) the business day prior to the exam session (Monday session info will be sent on Friday). If you have not received your link within an hour of when your session is set to begin, please contact your Certiport representative or see our support page.

Q: Why are there so many different ways to schedule an exam?
A: The virtual machines (VMs) vary in power, times active, and are reused throughout a single business day. Therefore, one size does not fit all for our exams; they must be scheduled accordingly so we can match the correct technology with the correct exam environment, and support as many Test Candidates as possible.

Q: Does the Test Candidate need the software installed on their personal computer for LITA (Live-in-the-Applicaton) exams?
A: No. The required software for Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, or Autodesk will be installed on the virtual machine that the Test Candidate connects to via hyperlink.

Q: Do different exam programs require different levels of bandwidth?
A: No. The burden of the exam delivery software (Compass), the operating system, and the locally installed software (if applicable) is moved to the cloud in Exams from Home. Generally, the faster things change/refresh on the screen, the higher the data transfer rate will need to be (for example, streaming a video would require far more bandwidth than viewing a photo). In the case of Exams from Home, this would primarily be download speed because the virtual machine is sending the information from the remote desktop to the Test Candidate’s computer. Therefore, all programs delivered in Exams from Home have the same requirements. 5Mbps download speed is where we landed for the best testing experience for a Test Candidate, and 10Mbps for a Self-Service Exam Administrator.

Q: The Test Candidate requires an ADA accommodation; can I still apply for one with Exams from Home?
A: Yes, this is supported, please see the ADA scheduling page. Certiport is committed to ensuring that those persons with the desire to certify their proficiency in the use of computers should have the opportunity to do so. Certiport is committed to providing access for all individuals with disabilities.

Certiport and its Authorized Testing Centers require advance notification of requests for accommodations as well as a reasonable amount of time to review and implement such requests. Certiport and its CATC's are not obligated to accommodate examinees with language limitations unrelated to a documented disability (e.g., English as a second language, literacy) nor to provide unlimited time for the completion of exams that are designed to certify not only knowledge but also efficiency in the use of computers. For more information see our ADA page.

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