ADA requests by mail

Process to apply using the paper request forms

If you prefer to use the paper request process to apply for accommodations, you must submit the Exam Accommodation Request Form. Please print and fill out the form, then fax the completed form and documentation to: 801-492-4160. You may also mail the completed form to: Certiport, a business of NCS Pearson, Inc., Exam Accommodations Department, 5601 Green Valley Dr., Bloomington, MN 55437. 

Note: We do not accept e-mail submissions.

To ensure proper processing of your paper request for accommodations, please verify:

  1. Certiport Username: Your correct username must be supplied on the form. If you have not already set up an account, you can do so by selecting "Register" on the Certiport Home page.
  2. E-mail Address: Certiport will process your request and notify you by e-mail of the status of your accommodation within ten (10) business days. Verify your e-mail address is listed correctly on the form to ensure you will receive all notifications.
  3. Supporting Documents: You must provide current documentation of your condition and a rationale for the requested adjustments. See page 3 of the Request Form for guidelines.

Please allow up to ten (10) business days for forms to be reviewed and processed.

For test candidate requests for accommodations outside of the US please contact an international partner in your country.